Commission payments will process weekly. Commissions on a qualified order will be paid in the first commission payment process 60 days after the order has transacted.

Publishers have a 45 day referral earning window. This means publishers will earn commissions on orders that transact within 45 days of when the shopper was referred to SHOP.COM.

Qualifying Orders

Orders are qualified by the following:

  1. The ship-to address for the order is in the USA. Other countries will be added to the program in the near future
  2. The order must be placed by a new SHOP.COM customer or repeat customers that were initially introduced by the publisher program
  3. The order executes within 45 days of the referral (re-direct from publisher site)

The customer has to be referred (re-directed) from the publisher's site for each order to qualify. If a customer, initially referred from the publisher, later returns directly to SHOP.COM and orders, that order will not qualify.

Non-qualification also occurs when the customer was already registered with SHOP.COM from another program.

Commissions are paid weekly if you choose to receive direct deposit payments, or monthly if you choose to receive paper check payments. There are no minimum payments for direct deposit.

For paper checks there is a $12 processing fee, and thus a minimum commission earning of $12.01 before a check is written. Commissions can accumulate for 270 days to reach $12.01. Un-paid commissions on orders older than 270 days are converted to un-qualified orders and not eligible for commissions any longer.

Affiliate Publisher Program Terms of Use